Sunday, July 11, 2010

So Much More Fun

Life is so much more fun when Daddy is home! Especially when Payton gets to spend her whole day with him, and have his undivided attention!
And Daddy lets her do things Mommy doesn't.....
Like eat popcilces from the ice cream man BEFORE dinner!

And play with the hose in the driveway for over an hour!

Not to mention drinking the water from the hose!

Then they made a REDNECK POOL!

No wonder she's so in love with her Daddy!
It's been busy around here lately, and Drew's been gone for work quite a bit, so sometimes the simple things in life are the best! It doesn't get much better then playing like a kid all afternoon. I think when you get older you forget how much fun simple things are, then you have kids of your own and you rediscover all these fun simple things! I have so much fun watching the two of them act like kids together!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am so grateful for the men in my life that I call Dad!
I seem to have fallen even more in love with my husband when he became a dad. I get to see this soft sensitive side of him I never knew existed. Plus playing tea party and holding the baby doll are just so dang cute - especially when Peeps makes him wear dress up jewelry.
And what a great example my dad and Drew's dad have given him.
I could not possible ask for someone to love me more than my dad does. You truly do not know the debts of love a parent has for a child until you have a child of your own! I am thankful that I have known that type of unconditional love.
Happy Father's Day!

Driveway Fishing

Daddy bought Peeps her first fishing pole last weekend.
It's purple and pink and has the Disney princesses on it - and instead of a hook it as a rubber princess crown (for practicing casting).
Peeps & Daddy have been in the driveway practicing a little bit each day on how to cast and reel. She's getting pretty good - but not ready for a hook yet.
We'll try it out for real this weekend at the lake and let you know how it goes!

Told You

See - we really have been living in the pool around here lately.

Here we are swimming at Grandma K and PawPaw's (Kathy & John).

20 Months Old

Can you believe that my sweet baby is inching towards TWO! Me either! Here's my beautiful 20 month old little girl!

  • She talks non-stop
  • She can make complete sentences
  • She can tell you her name and mostly everyone else's name
  • She can count to 3 - and sometimes throws a few more numbers in after that
  • She weighs 23 lbs.
  • She wears 12-18 month clothes
  • She wears a size 5 or 6 shoe (depending on the brand)
  • She loves Dogs
  • She loves the pool
  • She is constantly asking Why
  • She knows the names of her colors but doesn't always get them right
  • She has been 2 months without a paci
  • She loves Care Bears & Strawberry Shortcake Movies
  • She loves to play outside
  • She loves the park - especially the swings
  • She is beginning to potty train and will tell you when she has to "go"
  • She likes to take showers
    I can not believe how fast time is flying, I hope that I remember to stop and take it in, even when I get frustrated - because she's only going to be this little once.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to be a perfect parent with a perfect child, that I forget there is no such thing - I am who I am and she is who she is - and loving her is all she needs!

We love you Peeps!

Happy Birthday MeMe

The other Meme in our lives celebrated a birthday last week - and the girls helped her!
We sure love Meme! Thanks for being my "other" grandma from my "other" mother! We hope you had a great birthday!

That Kind of Summer

It has been so HOT here in Georgia lately that the only thing you can do to get cooled of is spend the day in the pool.
And that's just what the girls have been doing!
Tookie & Peeps have been hanging out at GiGi's house in the pool a lot these past couple of weeks!

Payton is becoming a fish!

And Carsyn doesn't even need her swimmies anymore. She can go under water like a big girl!

Just Like Daddy

Payton and I are both in love with the same "Guitar Pickin' Man" she however knows the key to his heart - pick up the guitar and start singing!
I however cannot carry a tune in a bucket, nor play any cords on the guitar - so I guess she's going to give me a run for my money!
Let's hope she gets her Daddy's musical talents - or else Mommy's going to be listening to a lot of random strumming!

Memorial Day Weekend

This post is a little overdue - but better late then never!
I hope that this past memorial day, as you cooked out with friends and family, maybe did a little swimming, spend quality family time together, and enjoyed your day off of work - that you remembered why we were celebrating. I hope you took a moment out of the day to acknowledge those who were being honored on this day. Those who have paid the ultimate price for this country to afford you the freedoms you so enjoy and often take for granted. Also, I hope you remembered those who were not able to celebrate with family and friends as they are away in foreign lands continuing to defend the liberties we are afforded and trying to implement those same liberties to citizens of other countries to better not just the United States but the world.
That being said - Thank You - to all our Veterans - deceased or alive - for serving so that my family and my friends may enjoy a weekend at the lake. And thank you to the families of those who have died defending their country. We, as a family are ever grateful that Drew is home, and are continually praying for those who are not.

Now that you have read all of's the pictures from Memorial Day Weekend.
We are in a stage where taking are clothes off is fun! So instead of fighting it - we just let her be naked.

We swam and swam and swam! Payton is so much better about her life jacket this year then she was last year!

We sunbathed!

We had a "treat" from Mrs. Barbara! Note to self - ring pops make a mess!

Then we hung out down by the dock and played on the tube....

and floated on the island!

And we ate AMAZING Barbecue! Drew seriously is the master of grilling!

Just check out that meat! It made the best barbecue!

It was a great weekend and we were so happy that we were able to enjoy it with our Family and Friends!

A Country Wedding

May 16th was a busy day for us! We had Kimmie's Graduation at 9:00 am - then we headed to North Georgia for a wedding.
Some friends of ours, Matt & Kelli, that we know from the lake were tying the knot. Drew sang in their wedding, it sounded great! Unfortunately since it was a small wedding, I had to get up and walk away, since my child wouldn't stop talking. So, I am told, it was a beautiful ceremony and the music was fantastic. We'll have to take their word for it - as I didn't see any of it - and therefore have no pictures to show you, other than Payton. But hey, if you're honest that's what you are here to see anyway.
The wedding was on a farm, a farm with real chickens who just walk around. Payton thought that was so funny. She chased the chickens all afternoon. Although, she was calling them "ducks" and telling them to "Quack Quack". There was no convincing her otherwise so here she is playing with the "ducks".

And playing musical chairs by herself after the wedding was over.

And having a deep conversation with Daddy. Who knows what they were talking about, he was probably trying unsuccessfully to tell her the "ducks" were chickens. Ha Ha Ha!

Then it was time to eat! Payton loved the BBQ'ed chicken!

And we danced!

One day, when my child is old enough to think about getting married, I will try very hard to convince her to get married inside! Even though it was only May - it was HOT!
Congrats to Matt & Kelli - we had a blast - can't wait to see you at the lake!